Wild Organic Raw Honey, a pure, natural, and unfiltered delight harvested from the untouched wilderness. This honey is a testament to the beauty and purity of nature, offering a rich and authentic taste that’s as close to dipping your own honeycomb straight from the hive as it gets. Natural: Our raw honey is exactly what it promises—pure honey without any additives. It’s harvested with care to ensure that every jar is filled with nothing but the sweet, golden nectar produced by nature’s hardest workers. Unfiltered Perfection: By keeping our honey unfiltered, we preserve the natural nutrients, including pollen, propolis, and enzymes that are often lost in conventional filtering processes. This not only adds to the rich flavor profile but also enhances the health benefits. Wild and Organic: Sourced from wild bees that roam free in organic landscapes, our honey is free from the pesticides and chemicals commonly found in commercially farmed honey. The bees visit a variety of flowers, collecting nectar that results in a complex, nuanced flavor profile that’s a true reflection of the area’s biodiversity. No Sugar Adulteration: In today’s market, finding honey that hasn’t been diluted or adulterated with sugar syrup is a challenge. Our commitment is to provide honey that is 100% authentic, ensuring you enjoy all the natural sweetness and health benefits without compromise. Versatile Use: Whether drizzled over your morning yogurt, used as a natural sweetener in tea, or taken straight from the spoon to soothe a sore throat, our wild organic raw honey is as versatile as it is delicious. It’s also an excellent ingredient in a variety of culinary and beauty recipes.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 25 cm


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